The Internet of Mysterious Things

The Story

A children's book with a touch of technology

Lisa came up with the idea for The Internet of Mysterious Things when she was attending a tech conference. A big session had just let out and a large crowd of people were headed her way. But everyone was looking down at their phones and people were unknowingly bumping into one another! She chuckled to herself about how easy it is for us to get sucked into our devices and miss out on experiencing life around us. To make the book even nerdier, Lisa wrote an Amazon Alexa skill that is available for free. Enable it by telling your Alexa to "Enable the Internet of Mysterious Things Skill".

But... why?

Lisa is a mom to two sets of twins and is constantly asked "why". Sometimes it can be tough for parents to explain the magic behind how things work. Hopefully this living book will help other parents to answer "why".


To add a little fun to the book, Lisa came up with the idea to hide NFC tags throughout. The tags can be scanned with an NFC-enabled device and pulls up additional information about the story and an animation for each page. Animations by the talented Constantine Petkun.

How we met

The Illustrator, Adam Record, is actually the illustrator for Lisa's sister's children's book, "Even Superheros Have to Sleep". Lisa was blown away with how talented Adam was and begged her sister to give her Adam's contact information. Lisa and Constantine worked together for their first book, A Robot Story.

Fun facts

Some fun facts about us.


Patent applications Lisa has filed through the USPTO


Number of Kickstarter backers


Illustartor, Adam Record, has illustrated over 50 children's books and has worked with companies like Disney, Fisher Price, Chick Fil A, Scholastic, Penguin Books, Harper Collins and more


Number of children that call Lisa mom. She has two sets of twins! 4 under 4.

"Every child should have one."

Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO

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Author & Illustrator

Creative superpowers

Happy Readers

Over 4,000 people from around the world have enjoyed Lisa's first book, A Robot Story. The Internet of Mysterious Things will be shipping soon. Preorder yours today.

  • brilliant idea, writing and animation. My twin toddlers love it (as does my engineer husband).

    Cherylyn Tunnicliffe - Amazon Review
  • I've been reading this to my 7 month old daughter and even at this age she loves the colors and rhythm of the book. I can't wait until she gets older and is the only one in kindergarten counting in base 2!

    Dustyn Roberts
    Dustyn Roberts - Assistant Professor of Instruction at University of Delaware
  • This book is super cute and fun, and a great way to introduce toddlers (and their parents!) to binary.

    Hilary Mason - Founder at Fast Forward Labs, Amazon Review

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But WHY?!?

When explaining that technology works with the help of mysterious creatures doesn't satisfy your little readers, checkout the following pages for more content.

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"It [Technology] interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we're too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone."

Steven Spielberg