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Smart Refridgerator

A smart fridge often uses RFID or barcodes to scan what is inside the fridge to determine when an item needs to be replenished. Alternatively, some brands use voice recognition to understand spoken inventory as you unpack your groceries. They are typically connected to the interent using your home internet.


Many new smart fridges include cameras on the inside of the fridge that you can view from a smart phone app. So you can pull up the video while at the store to see if you have an item in your fridge.


Smart Fridges of the future will learn. They will learn and record our average food consumption. For example, if we replace a milk carton every three days, the Smart Fridge will understand how much milk is left inside the carton, and alert us when we are running low. Patterns of food consumption will be recognized providing us insights into our healthy eating habbits, food waste, and smart ordering.


One of the biggest concerns consumers have with purchasing a smart fridge is that the manufacturer will stop providing software updates. If the fridge is supposed to last for 15 years but the software no longer functions, the expensive smart fridge becomes a regular fridge.

Fun facts

Facts about smart fridges.


The year the first smart fridge was launched by LG.


The cost of purchasing the new connected fridge in 2000.


The average cost of a smart fridge in 2017

15 - 20

The average lifespan of a refrigerator. Our phones and tablets are typically replaced every 3.

"The smart fridge isn’t smart because it opens up new doors and provides you with new experiences. It’s smart because it takes care of things you’d rather not dedicate brain power to in the first place."

Michael Kanellos, Forbes Writer

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Possibilties of a smart fridge

Becoming smarter

  • Calorie consumption
  • Food expiration
  • Food inventory
  • Replenishment of low quantity
  • Smart temperature adjustment
  • Recipe Suggestions
  • Food budget
  • Diet suggestions
  • Diet coach "Don't eat that cake!"

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Companies who have made a smart fridge


  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Bud-E Linq IQ
  • GE